The Modern Daddy.

This one’s a thank you to the modern Daddy;
The baby carrying, push-chair rocking, changer of the nappy.
The night-time bouncing, muslin dousing, king of the sling,
The story-reading, face-to-get-peed-in, human baby-gym. 
Thank you for the night-feeds, that give my boobs a break,
Thanks for making me cups of tea, while I cry into an enormous cake.
Thanks for ordering pizza, when I’ve made a total shit of dinner,
Thanks for pretending my dressing gown actually makes me look thinner.
So this one’s for you, our modern Daddy,
The night-time driving, colic surviving, chap that still looks happy.
Thanks for Friday night wine-time, where mummy gets a little bit plastered,
And thanks for being such an awesome Dad, and a goddamn lovely bastard.


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