Yes. I did this. #WallyMonster

And I don’t even feel bad.

To be honest, I haven’t actually stopped laughing long enough to feel anything other than PURE JOY of the most IMMATURE nature… And the scheduled gin breaks I’ve allowed for throughout the day seem to only be making it all the more joyful… 

If EVER any of you feel the need to simply dress your little girl in something pink and frilly, consider these points people… consider these points:

THIS IS PAYBACK FOR MY VAGINA. (worth mentioning twice I feel)
You can turn this image into wallpaper and create a feature wall in her bedroom… she’ll like that.
Never before has image screamed quite so loudly: ’18th Birthday Cake Topper’. #fact
This WILL be my profile picture for the next decade.
I’ve already sent this off to have it made into a mug… And baubles… And a throw.
It can get worse… I have a loyalty card for the costume shop now… Mwahahahaha.
Your Parent of the Year Award chances may have been damaged slightly but pulling out the #WallyMonster will be worth it… and will probably finish off your pelvic floor for good…
Toddler egos can be bruised and repaired, but BROKEN VAGINAS ARE FOR LIFE. FOR. LIFE. (think I’ve sufficiently hammered that one home now.) 
The word GIN is actually ‘in’ vaGINa. I think that says it all really. 



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