Dear Cats… An Apology from the WallyBubba

Dear Cats,

I’m sorry I tried to power hug you while you were eating. 
I’m sorry I chased you around the living room on my Scuttlebug.
I’m sorry I trapped you in the oven area of my play kitchen for a night. (Ok week.)
I’m sorry that I used porridge to weld my hand to your tail so you could lead me around for the day… I just wanted to know what it was like to be one of you…

I’m sorry I became the self-appointed cat-flap warden. And didn’t let you in for three days…

I’m sorry I used one of you as a pillow.

And the other as a footmuff.

I’m sorry I ate all the kitty treats. (They tasted better than some of the shit I’ve been presented with for dinner I can tell you. You’ve got it good guys. You’ve got it good…*High five*)

I’m sorry I tried to get you to wear shoes. But you should be more sorry. Shoes are awesome and the best.

I’m sorry I tried to remove sections of your fur with my fists. I was hoping to collate enough hair to make into a stick-on comedy moustache… thought that would really shit Daddy up one Saturday morning…

And most of all I’m sorry I told you you were adopted.

I hope you can forgive me. And if you change your mind about the shoe thing I have them all hidden in my room. Along with the remaining kitty treats.

Much love,
WallyBubba xxx


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