The Lola Days…

From the moment she wakes up,
Her first words are ‘Lola, Lola, Lola’.
Unless we want to scrape breakfast from the curtains,
It best be ON while she’s chowing her granola.

It’s time for mid morning playtime,
But there’s only one lady that’ll do…
It’s all bestest, and worstest, and favouritest over here,
It’s exclusively Lola, all other toys are poo-pooed.

How about we head to the park after lunch,
For sliding, and swinging, and fresh air..?
‘I’ll leave my abode on one condition, Mother,
My best friend Lola-dolly MUST be there.’

Time to watch a bit of telly before dinner;
GOD FORBID you touch the remote.
She can do it herself and get Lola on the box,
Change channels and she’ll punch you in the throat.

Almost time to head up to bed,
It’s been a long day of Lola varieties.
It’s time to accept she loves Miss Summer more than Mummy,
So grab the gin and keep down the crying please…


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