Mummy Mind Tricks…

It’s fair to say that WallyBubba is now unmistakably a girl.

I don’t meant to say that there has ever been any doubt on my part, but when she was tiny, in neutral baby-grows sat in a black buggy, I can accept that I wasn’t exactly spelling it out.

That’s not to say I didn’t get pissed off when people asked how old ‘HE’ was… but hey – that was probably just the hormones and broken fanny making me angry.

Now – it’s a different story. Everything she wears is distinctly girly. Dresses, skirts, bows, flowers, butterflies, pink, pink, pink… there’s NO mistaking.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t thoroughly enjoy having the following conversation with strangers at every available opportunity though…

‘What a pretty little girl.’


‘Your little girl – she’s so cute.’

‘What do you mean girl?’

‘Oh sorry… umm…’ (confused face)

Then I laugh
They laugh back

I immediately stop laughing and frown

They stop laughing and panic

I laugh again

They laugh

I stop laughing abruptly, 
shake my head,
pull a face of disgust.

They shit themselves and leave.

Simple pleasures…


WallyBubba as a ‘girl’. 


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