Oh Mummy…

Oh Mummy. 

You’re so funny.

You really do make me laugh.
Sometimes I think you might have lost the plot a bit.
When you talk to Sophie the Giraffe.
Oh Mummy.
You’re so funny.
Especially when you’ve had that stuff you call ‘gin’.
It makes your face lop-sided and your legs go wobbly.
And keep telling Daddy how much you love him.
Oh Mummy.
You’re so funny.
I really think you are tops.
But why do you need that many dresses and shoes.
When all you ever wear is leggings and flip-flops.
Oh Mummy.
You’re so funny.
I just love staring at your face.
Even with the baggy, dark, liney bits.
You’re the most beautiful Mummy in this place. 
Oh Mummy.
You’re so funny.
The best is when you sing me a silly tune.
Even when you put naughty words in the lyrics.
And try to cover up by dancing round like a loon.
Oh Mummy.
You’re so funny.
When you make my toys oink, roar and moo. 
Coz even though there’s a big bit for Daddy.
Most of my love is for you.
Don’t blame me for this post. Actually Mummy said I had to πŸ™‚

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