Why? – An Ode to the WallyBubba

Why does my daughter eat baby wipes?
Why does she suck the remote?
Why does she sing to her fist in the night?
How does she get out of her coat?

Why does she give me a giant-turd-gift each morning?
Why does she wake up at 4?
Why does she crawl like her limbs have no joints?
Why does she face-plant the floor?

Why can’t she decide whether she’s laughing or crying?
Why does she find her feet funny?

Why does she play with the cats’ toys instead?

Doesn’t she know I spent so much money?

Why does she give evils to Sophie the Giraffe?
Why does she only punch Tigger?
Why, no matter how many dollies I give her…

…why does she still choose the digger?

Why does she throw-up on outfits I love?
Why does she eat suds in the bath?
Why does she destroy every room she enters?
How does she do it so fast?

Why does she do all these things she know test me?
Why, even when some make me blubber?
Why do I love her despite pee, poo and puke?
Because she is my WallyBubba.



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